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For mental and emotional maturity to understand a deeper meaning of life.


Good mental health can help you feel and sleep better, and support you with the things you want to do. Plus it can help you have more positive relationships with those around you.


We draw our topics from people working through their own mental health issues, as well as from experts who can help you to manage and improve your overall day-to-day wellbeing.


We can create steps to help you stress less, ease your sleep problems, help lift your mood and take action on anxiety. Expert support for some of the most common mental health problems.

About me

Having over 8 years of experience in training and employment in Mental Health and Counselling, I have the skills and ability to work with a wide range of clients and their needs. Taking the first step towards help can often be scary, daunting and overwhelming especially if we are unsure as to why we feel a certain way. There is no shame in mental health and it's something which we all have & sometimes we just need a bit more support with it. I will work at your pace and ensure that you feel heard and understood placing your needs at the core of the therapy.
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Fay Simpson

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